Monday, April 11, 2011

Wind of Change Blows on my Face‏

The wind of change
Blows through our days
Sometimes can leave
Our minds with haze

When thinks do not
Go as expected
It is easy to feel
Quite dejected

If we live
With love inside
And never faith
We compromise

We can bring
Our dreams to reality
Transform that haze
Into clarity

Wind of change
Can be uplifting
And also gifting

A chance for
Love and new beginnings
When you believe
You end up winning.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Movie Review - 'Limitless'‏

'Limitless', is a clever, stylish little exercise in drug-fueled
paranoia. This film raises the question, 'If the apple from the
tree of knowledge fell right into your lap, would you take a bite?
And then what would you do?'

The apple in this case is an illicit designer drug, NZT. Now,
it isn't just another quick high, but instead, it makes a lie
of the old saying that we only use 20 percent of our brains and
cranks that percentage up to 100. Can you fathom that! The
possibilities are endless in theory and also for the purpose
of this story.

A thirty-something writer Eddie Mora (Bradley Cooper 'The A-Team'),
is divorced with a terminal case of writer's block. Here is a guy
who was just dumped by his most recent girlfriend Lindy (Abbie
Cornish 'A Good Year'), because he's going nowhere at the speed
of light. By circumstance, our slacker finds himself in possession
of a stash of the wonder pill.
Suddenly, Eddie -- seducing the worlds of writing, women and
Wall Street -- has got massive amounts of game and brains, attracting
the attention of both barons of the boardroom like Carl Van Loon
(Robert De Niro 'Little Fockers'), bullies on the street like
Russian mobster Gennady (Andrew Howard), and some mysterious
third guy who keeps giving him the side eye and chasing him
around Manhattan.
And did someone mention side effects? Baby, this apple bites
back. This is where Eddie might be starting to realize that
getting really smart really quickly may have been a dumb thing
to do.

Bradley Cooper is great and really plays up both sides of that
coin, the intellect and when the drug wears out, the pauper.
I have been a big fan of his since the series 'Alias'. I always
enjoyed him because he stretches and doesn't just skate on his
looks. He tries to be diverse in his choice of roles. Lately,
he's seen in raunchy fare like 'The Hangover' and plodding
rom-coms ('Wedding Crashers' – didn't you hate him? 'He's Just
Not That Into You' – again the cad and we loved him in
'Valentine's Day').

'Limitless', based on the novel 'The Dark Fields' by Alan
Glynn and directed with a nimble efficiency and sense of visual
humor by Neil Burger ('Interview with the Assassin'), is at
times reminiscent of the work of Danny Boyle ('127 Hours',
'Slumdog Millionaire'), it never takes itself too seriously
but still manages to be suspenseful and clever. Burger, Cooper
and De Niro opened up what was a very cluttered book and
injected it with a jolt of cinematic electricity.
Smart move - smart movie.

* From Where I Sit!
March 27, 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011

'Evolution' Dinner Observations‏

Ladies & Gentlemen,

'I have called this principle, by which each slight variation,
if useful, is preserved, by the term 'Natural Selection.' ~ Charles
Darwin (Father of Evolution)

What a night! The guests reached a zenith of Forty-One. . . . WOW!

'Our hearts are drunk with a beauty our eyes could never see.' ~ George W. Russell

The following could have been my observations of the launch of
the 2011 season of dinner parties. I could have mentioned how the
'Evolution Dinner Party' far surpassed anything I envisioned or
could have imagined, but instead . . .

'Great effort from great motives is the best definition of a happy
life.' ~ William Ellery Channing

As is the case, with each shindig, the dynamics and especially
the landscape varies, not more discernible than this recent
eclectic ensemble. I have always been a big proponent of 'Evolution',
and how we must always evolve or perish.

Oscar Wilde said, 'Move forward or die!'

I could be writing about how this evening was elegant, without
being formal, like my attorney, gracious and a warmth and love
hard to surpass, but instead. . .

'To feel the love of people whom we love is a fire that feeds
our life.' ~ Pablo Neruda

I could be mentioning how after all this time and space our little
group is a true testament to class acts and how I should be as happy
has a little girl, but instead. . .

I could be thanking all the newcomers, who are far too many to mention
individually, and wish them to return, but instead . . .

The ladies who were jaunting along like little girls in a playground,
while at the same time exuding such fiery sultriness, were palpable.
Luigi was having trouble concentrating on any one lady, the beautiful
and gorgeous came out in droves. One lady in particular, who has blessed
me with her friendship, is a loving creature. The hair, the cheekbone,
the way she smiles, even her posture, is unpretentious. Teresa Silvano
looked 'Good Enough to Eat!' Delicious! I could be dispensing admiration
of that sort, but instead . . .

'Camminando le donne può tutto mostrare...Ma niente non lasciare
vedere!' ~ Marcello Mastroianni
(Sensual women can show everything, without revealing anything!)

I could be singing from the rafters how this little kid from the
other side of the tracks, had Quebec Royalty grace his table in the
form of a 'Disco Diva'. How Patsy Gallant became a raconteur and
entertained her coterie, but instead. . .

I could be mentioning the camaraderie I witnessed on numerous
occasions, as I glimpsed at little cliques that formed. Gabrielli,
Latino, Fiorante, and Garone to name but a few. Groups of
people I would not have matched or others I had not seen together
since my adolescence, but instead. . .

We like wine . . . Everything about it . . . The cool feel of
the bottle . . . The pop of the cork . . . The splash of the pour
and the tip of the glass. Great wine has the power to make any
meal or moment memorable. It's magical that way.

I could be pointing out how the wine we had was such a magical
elixir. 'Arboleda' Cabernet Sauvignon de Chile, was full-bodied,
ruby red, deliciously dry, with a hint of a woody finish, yet
velour to our palette, but instead . . .

I feel it remise not to thank Gianni, and the personnel at
Cavalli, for consistently making us feel special. Those culinary
delights emanating from the kitchen, under the supervision of
chef extra-ordinaire Frankie Baby, like the lamb chops, the
sinful Mac&Cheese and the leafy Endive salad. All those exquisite
main courses from the Salmon, to the Sea Bass, to the Veal
chop, etc.

I could have acknowledged the succulence of those first
'Shrimps Tempura' and 'Raw Oysters'. Could have mentioned how
they made 'The Professor' utter, in a low breath . . .

'Frank, if this were the only dish it would be enough.'

Thank you for taking my hand and traveling with me on this
journey, when you suggested I go back to school. I couldn't
have done it without your guidance, fortitude and perseverance.
I hope I can inspire you as much as you have me.

'Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not
born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that
a new world is born.' ~ Anais Nin

I could have aggregated the following, 'Life's euphoria is
made up of little moments you steal away from the mundane'.
This night was such a moment, but instead . . .

'We don't receive wisdom; we must discover it for after
a journey that no one can take for us or spare us.' ~ Marcel Proust

* From Where I Sit!
Friday, March 25, 2011