Saturday, May 3, 2014

Dinner w/Desjardins‏

After many months of anticipation the evening arrived for our 'Dinner w/Desjardins'.
André aka Mr. Patterson, the distinguished gentleman and his lovely wife, late 50s' but
they look late forties. I have known them almost as long as Bombshell (her aunt & uncle).
A very smart man, who runs a multinational... and found a way for it to work for him
rather than he work for it, like I said...very smart.

Montreal is not just a good eating town, but an opinionated one, too, with deep roots
and a culture all its own. There's always a debate about where to get the best rotisserie
chicken or the most authentic poutine, that classic Québécois belly buster of French fries,
gravy and squeaky cheese curds. Or whether to go to St.Viateur Bagel Shop or Fairmount
Bagel Bakery for sesame bagels that are baked in wood-burning ovens and put New York City's
fluffy bread bombs to shame.... and the best 'foie gras' will always be where David and
Fred apply their craft.

The name conjures up a steakhouse, but actually there's history behind 'Joe Beef'. The
name is in fact that of Charles McKiernan, a legendary 19th century Montreal innkeeper
and working-class hero who offered food and shelter at his Old Montreal tavern (the building
still stands at the corner of de la Commune and de Calière). Stragglers, longshoreman,
beggars and outcasts were admitted to Joe Beef's Canteen in exchange or a bit of light
labor. 'Joe Beef' was a man of the people.'
The place itself isn't 'tres chic' but the reason one goes, isn't for fancy decor, place
settings and cutlery, but it's for the gastronomic explosion. And our palettes exploded!
Dinner at Joe Beef is like being at a dinner party, so tight are the tables, so genial
is the vibe. You chit-chat with strangers in the next tables, very easily…swapping stories
and enjoying more than a few giggles with your friends, as you would at a dinner party...and
last this night was no exception.
We enjoyed great wine from their private cellar... and for our dessert, 'Tourte au chocolat', Frederic (Fred) Morin came to our table, sat with us and we reminisced and caught up just
like old friends do.

* From Where I Sit!

* Restaurant Joe Beef
2491, rue Notre Dame O. @ Atwater
Little Burgundy (514) 935-6504