Sunday, April 27, 2014

Life's Journey Dinner @ OTTO

Ladies & Gentlemen,

'Enthusiasm, if fueled by inspiration and perseverance, travels with passion
and its destination is excellence.' ~ Napoleon Hill

Once again another succulent soiree... No surprise the W Hotel slogan is
'Welcome to Wonderland', and OTTO is a perfect feather in that cap...the
women and men... who came to be inspired left enlightened.

Designed by architect Miguel Cancio, the visionary behind the uber-trendy
Buddha Bar and Man Ray in Paris, 'Otto' is all eye candy. Multi-colour stripes,
black on blonde wood. Long, cone-shaped chandeliers hang in a row, leading
to curved banquettes framed in what looks like giant bubble paper. For our
enjoyment music, from Frank Sinatra and Diana Krall were beautifully pulsating
in the background. Votive candles flicker throughout the low-lit space, which
makes the room feel more like a nightclub than a high-end luxury restaurant.
In a restaurant this trendy I would expect nothing less. The hotel literature
describes the cuisine as Italian fusion, like the décor, Otto's menu is a fusion
of styles thanks to our old friend from Cavalli, chef extraordinaire, Frank
There's a little Italian, some French, a dabble of Middle Eastern, with a
number of upscale ingredients assembled into wonderful dishes. The foodie in
me was in ecstasy from our juicy grilled baby lamb chops, to our Shrimp Tempura,
the Mini burgers, to the Arugula salad, Yellow fin tuna tartar, to our Cavatelli
in a tomato and basil sauce…licking the plate level of unbelievable delicious.
The meat, pan seared Angus tenderloin, rare and flavorful, was the highlight
of the plate. The other main course of grilled red snapper was a fitting finale
to a spectacular meal that lasted hours.
'Otto' may be one of those expensive restaurants in town... but they offer the
best food and service, and all this eye-candy to boot. Score one for the kitchen,
plate presentations are stunning. Score two, ingredients are topnotch. Score three,
service was courteous, professional, as expected, and our servers, beautiful and
very accommodating…are as hot as the patrons, was like that little bit extra. Bravo!

'Remember tonight... for it's the beginning of forever.' ~ Dante Alighieri

Your Cruise Director
Food is my Compass
April 26, 2014

* Ristorante OTTO @ W Montreal
901 Square Victoria
Viger & St.Antoine & McGill
(514) 395-3180 Pasquale Ruffolo