Sunday, August 21, 2011

I, Grand Piano

As the spotlight bounced off the black-lacquered sheen, from the top
of my back, Madam came out of left stage and placed her soft posterior
gently on the bench. She caressed the softwood of the surface, then lifted
the cover to reveal my beautiful, glistening ivory black and white keys.

She glided her hands from side to side and admired my delicate craftsmanship.
She looked beneath this massive case of strings and hammers at the three
legs, curves and sturdy brass feet. Noticed the cashmere spread draped
across the back-end of my nine-foot frame, with the candelabra, which still
hadn't been lit.

There was ninety minutes to the start of the concerto. As Madam verified
the tone and rhythm, I felt a sense of relief engulf me. That piano tuner,
earlier in the day, after I had been transported from our previous engagement,
had hands like sandpaper. With enough cuts and bruises that constantly scratched
my sensitive keys. Ivory, is not meant to be struck so forcefully, except
maybe by Madam.

I knew she would start with Mozart or maybe even Chopin, she enjoyed
the classics. I personally had a soft spot for that new music, Jazz. I
enjoyed that little place we played at last week, 'The Blue Note Café',
instead of this grand Concert Hall. I liked Louie, the upright base and
Sheila, the saxophone, they really knew how to liven up a room. The crowd
swayed and grooved to the sounds that we, as a trio, produced. I hadn't
seen Madam this alive in a long time. I even felt her swish her tiny
derriere on the bench. It was very exhilarating.

This vast auditorium is very imposing, even though I feel I'm dominating
this backdrop tableau very adequately. I’ve been here before, not this
particular place, but this sort of venue. This was a major factor in
European musical life since the early 18th century. I’m a descendant
and amalgam of different instruments and I consist of strings and hammers,
and I feel the felt that covers those hammers, very warmly. I enjoy
the way Madam allows them to fall to deaden the sound as soon as her
fingers release the keys.

My keyboard mechanism enables me to vary notes dynamically with crisp
brilliance, loudness and softness, encompassing a wide range. My beautiful
brass foot pedals allows me to increase, diminish, or sustain the sound,
which gives me that forceful sonority. My soundboard serves the function
to resonate and project.

Madam is really enjoying this session and I love to see her happy. When
she's feeling this way it perpetuates her sensuousness as the tips of her
fingers gently careen from one key to the next.