Friday, July 25, 2014

Dinner Alfresco @ Globe

What started as an impromptu al fresco dinner evolved into a delightful
soirée of revelations. On the Main on a summer's night, there's no missing
the long series of restaurants between Sherbrooke St and Pine Ave, in the
Plateau vying for your attention. With all the action, eye candy and enticing
food, one wonders how to pick and choose. Is it the space with the most
cutting-edge decor? Is it the restaurant known for its cuisine or the hot spot
that boasts the latest celebrity sightings? With their comely waitresses,
groovy color schemes, and up-to-the-minute menus…Globe has always been
considered 'hot' on all these fronts. While some of its competitors have cuter
waitresses and better chairs, Globe always succeeded by offering the full
package. Now, add to that the cool outdoor space... and voila!
I was there not long ago for a family dinner... but tonight I or we were
going to enjoy a beautiful night of dinning alfresco... but at the last minute
Mother Nature decided to be uncooperative. So Poppy and I moved indoors
to wait for our friend Wendy.
Facing the large panoramic view looking out on the setting sun watching
passers-by…ranging from both extremes of the social spectrum, über-babes
to street urchins. I was transported back to a time when I was living in Puerto
Vallarta. But I digress!
To complete the trio, Wendy, arrived and we proceeded to order every item
on the special Thursday '3@33$' menu. Globe's cuisine exploits organic and
local produce to its fullest…the new chef de cuisine J.-P. Miron lets the quality
of ingredients do the talking.
We began with an abundance of oysters... just enough to satisfy any longings
I had. One of the appetizers 'Cold green pea soup & King crab', a pea purée
with plenty of crab meat... it was a new flavor for me and Poppy said it was
divine. Endive salad covered with slight shavings of Parmesan cheese
accompanied by pork croquettes. It was simultaneously tangy and refreshing.
Finally, a smoked Halibut mousse with homemade potato chips... my favorite
For our main dishes we got spoiled... 'Cavatelli' with corn, Shiitake mushrooms,
shallots, and scallions. Wendy truly licked her fingers. A truly local dish… the
fried chicken with celery salad in blue dressing…was sweet, crispy and truly
decadent. Finally, Poppy's selection, 'Salmon Wellington', an oleaginous dish
that is rich beyond reason wrapped in a puff pastry. It was sublime and best
epitomizes what this restaurant is all about, sophisticated simplicity.
The wine... a rather intense purple-red Cabernet Sauvignon, from Tuscany,
features an exuberant nose, exhaling perfumes of raspberry, pastry and
eucalyptus. Subtle aromas of cocoa and freshly ground black pepper were also
present. Gorgeous waitresses, models and actresses-in-waiting are practically
a hallmark of Globe. Our waitress, Gabriella, who was Lebanese/British, easily
fits that description, with charm, professionalism and a delicious voice. As the
crowds prove, Globe remains the perfect choice if you're up for the hullabaloo
of the St. Laurent scene.

* From Where I Sit!
July 24, 2014

* Globe Restaurant
3455 St.Laurent Blvd.
Plateau Mont-Royal
(514) 284-3823

Friday, July 4, 2014

Brasserie le Pois Penché‏

Today was a most delicious lunch with the Attorney. I had not been back
in some time, so on the advice of counsel... we lunched as Parisians do on
a beautiful, sunny afternoon. It could have been on the Champs Élysée or
rue des Cigalles in the heart of the hustle and bustle of Paris in July...
but we were in the heart of downtown Montreal @ Brasserie 'Le Pois Penché'.
'Le Pois Penché' is ideally located and invites you to take a trip back
in time. Inspired by the 40's Paris scene, it offers a bistro destination
like no other marked by art deco. The ideal venue regardless of the time
of day or the occasion, 'Le Pois Penché' is the ultimate bistro for those
interested in a traditional slate which features all the French classics.
'Le Pois Penché' will entice your palette with its high-end bistro fare
and is a must see on the Montreal culinary scene. Le Devoir newspaper praises
the restaurant for its classy service, which I can attest by our amiable
serveuse Maud... who was at our beck-and-call, and the quality of its
private import wine cellar. Its decor has that fantasy French brasserie
look, part 'Alexandre', part 'L'Express', part New York City's 'Balthazar',
but more red velvet than red leather.
Being a hot and muggy day we decided to forgo the usual full course lunch
and opted for a smorgasbord of French entrées. For starters we indulged
in an 'Assiette de charcuterie'; cheeses, dried fruits with toasted slivers
of baguette... crisp and a bowl of pommes frites with mayonnaise
à la Dijon... then we were spoiled with a dozen oysters (half 'Raspberry
Point' from Nova Scotia and half 'Beausoleil' from La Malbaie)…served with
a Cabernet Sauvignon from Bordeaux for 'moi' and a Sancerre Blanc for the
legal eagle.
The finale... our 'Pièce de résistance' a 'Torchon de Foie gras' terrine
aux délices d'herbes fines. It has been too long since I enjoyed such un
bon 'dîner à la Française'. We caught up... she had missed several dinner
parties... and I was inspired. Bon weekend!

* From Where I Sit!
Fourth of July, 2014

* Brasserie le Pois Penché
1230 Boulevard de Maisonneuve Ouest,
Montréal, QC H3G 1M1
(514) 667-5050