Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Cabin in the Rain

I take my girlfriend Kate to a secluded cabin for the weekend to score, but when four strangers burst in during a rainstorm, plans change quickly.
It was a dark and stormy night. The generator was spluttering away outside the cabin as the rain lashed against the roof. Inside, the warm glow of a few table lamps and a small warm fire bathed the single large room. Near the far wall was an old warm looking four poster bed draped in soft old red covers. The other half of the small cabin was dedicated to a cozy living room. A few old sofas lay in the flickering light around a large shaggy carpet spread in front of the stone fireplace. With the logs crackling and the flames dancing it would warm everything with in reach. The cabin was a great place to escape to from a busy life in the city. I had brought my new girlfriend Kate up here for a long weekend hoping to score. The walking in the woods, the quiet seclusion, plus a bottle of red wine or two, usually has the desired effect and ends up with the old bed creaking and shaking as I impale myself gloriously into some hot young wet nymph. The storm had rolled in quite suddenly while we were out on a walk to the lake. Kate had been going on about something to do with her work while I followed her up a hill admiring the way her ass muscles flexed and relaxed as her feet navigated the unsteady terrain ahead of her. With her tight 5ft 4in. body and long blonde hair she looked like some sort of woodland elf out here except that her generous C-cup breasts made her instead into the most delicious sexual object known to man.
All I had thought about since first meeting Kate was what she would look like straddling my lap as she bounced herself up and down upon my swollen shaft. Luckily we were not too far from the cabin when the rain started but no amount of running was going to stop us from getting a soaking. We jogged back together laughing in the rain, splashing in little puddles that were beginning to form. Kate's shirt was getting increasingly wet and was sticking tightly to her voluptuous body. While I had managed not to stare thus far it was getting harder and harder as her bulging erotic outline became more clearly defined. We were only a minute or two away from the cabin when the air started to get much cooler and quite quickly. The rain then came in earnest and started dropping thousands of fat cold rain drops onto us. In the darkening light we could see the warm glow of the cabin lights in the clearing just up ahead and ran full speed toward it as the storm unleashed onto us. Crashing through the door laughing I turned to catch Kate as she came laughing in behind me, briefly feeling the press of her body against mine, the slight twitch between my legs noting it too. Turning back I pushed the door closed against the rain and wind which was now whipping up outside. As I turned back around …time seemed to fall into slow motion. Dripping wet from head to toe and gently wringing out her hair was an apparition of beauty. Her soaked t-shirt was slightly see through and clung to those perfect breasts. Her nipples looked like they were piercing the very fabric of her shirt as her chest heaved, catching breath. Bathed in the soft light of the cabin she was a sight to behold. "Ahem?" she coughed.